Nuts and Bolts Links

Incompatible Bolts

Wayne Bolt and Nut
left-handed fasteners
Bryce Fastener
pentagonal head bolts

Bolt Suppliers

Ohio Nut and Bolt Company
custom weld fasteners
West Coast Aerospace

Handheld Calculators

Engineer Supply
Links to handheld calculators for construction applications

Request-For-Quote Sites

When you want to buy a ton of bolts, you can post a message on an RFQ service to have suppliers send you competitive bids.

also online catalog

Engineering Information

Fastener Quality Act

Fun Stuff

Global Creations
art made of nuts and bolts
The End of the Internet

Other Online Calculators

The most similar online calculator to Bolt Planet's
Fastenal Company
strain calculator
Martindale's Calculator Page
Thousands of links to online calculators

Other Windows Calculators For Sale

Machinist Toolbox
Bolt Circles by Carlos Valdes
ASME links
The ASME page of links to Windows software producers

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